AREA 52 – Exercises in vulnerability

I have had the idea for this project for some time now. At one point I was even very close to launching it. What I realized today though, was that there will never be “the time” to do it. If I don’t make it “the time”.

52 new pieces for one year. A new piece or sound composed or at least outlined every week.

I hope you will follow my progress, encourage me if you feel so, tell me if you don’t like something or just support me in challenging everything I know about Music, Sound, Composition and their crossing points.

If I fail, I can promise you to fail spectacularly. I can’t promise to succeed the same way.

Here are a few conditions I have decided to put myself under.

  1. I will release each new piece/sound/sketch/song on Sundays.
  2. The starting Sunday will be June 1st, 2014.
  3. I will try to present as finished a piece as possible for each of them.
  4. Anything goes.
  5. My imagination will be the only thing I will follow voluntarily.
  6. As I said: anything goes.
  7. I will pay no attention to considerations of “style”, “musical language”, “taste”, “moderation” and self-censorship.
  8. I will change these rules whenever I feel they infringe on my freedom of imagination.

If you have read so far, congratulations. I am almost done. A little explanation of the title. Of course, it is a play of words with the now infamous Area 51 – denied, almost confirmed, again denied – secretive and mildly scary. Area 52 aims to be the total opposite – completely open, transparent, with no hidden agenda or murky patches on the road.

I hope you will join me on this journey, follow me on TwitterFacebook  and don’t forget to Subscribe to my blog to get updates on my progress.

Let’s go.