Lessons in Piano, Composition, Music Theory and Improvisation.

My philosophy, experience and views on learning about Music

Learning a musical instrument is fun.

Learning about Music is exciting, like a new adventure every day.

Practicing an instrument is a journey of discovery – sometimes not easy but always rewarding.

But deciding to start lessons or continue learning after a break could be a daunting task.

How would you know which teacher is best for you or your child?

Here are some pointers to make you decide:

  • How much teaching experience your prospective instructor has?
  • What are his/her qualifications, i.e. do they have a degree from a recognized university?
  • Does your future teacher has any experience performing professionally on his/her instrument?

The main ingredients for the recipe are:





If you want all of that, contact me.

Lessons available locally, in Oakville, ON,

as well as online via skype.


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