Music for Theatre

Award-winning composer Dimitar Pentchev


My philosophy and way of thinking about music for theatre was formed with my first professional work as a composer for stage.

In the (not) so distant month of November 1996 I met an old friend whom I haven’t seen in a few years. I knew him as a young artist and as a person who dabbled in the art of mime, we were together in the army (Oh, the joys of 2 years of conscription  military service when you are 18) and I was totally surprised to discover that he was studying Directing for Theatre and was looking for a composer to create the score for his first professional show. His name was Petrinel Gotchev.

Now, many years later and many projects later on my part, for which I have crossed two continents and many countries, working with different directors, I still remember Petrinel’s words: “The theatre is a like a big, wonderful toy and I am like a little boy playing”.

That sense of wonder, curiosity and playfulness have never left me.

Here are just a few highlights of what I have done in theatre over the years.

“Romeo and Juliet”, original score, music director; 2013

“Taming…” – based on texts by Shakespeare, Irvine Welsh and from the Bible; composer, script co-writer, music director; 1997

“As You Like It” – Dir. by Matt Tomlanovich, for the “Shakespeare at the park” festival of Dallas, TX

“Crossroad Beyond” , on dramatic texts by Yordan Yovkov, Drama Theatre “Yordan Yovkov”, Dobrich. Co-composed with Sibylla Seraphim, vocals.