World Premiere: Her Morning Walk

Her Morning Walk was composed on December 30th 2016 as a present for the birthday of a friend of mine. It is dedicated to Canadian director extraordinaire and theatre educator Jeannette Lambermont-Morey. The piece took almost 3 years to the day to have its World Premiere and live recording. Her Morning Walk was performed during my recital at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, on December 10th 2019. The next step, naturally, will be to realize a studio recording and I have a couple of ideas of other few pieces which will form a sort of triptych of piano solos. For now, enjoy this version.

Imagine the shores of Newfoundland with their raw beauty and stark landscapes. Then imagine yourself walking along in the early morning. Maybe you are walking your dog or you are alone. Either way, little pebbles are crunching quietly under your steps. Behind each turn on the path, a new vista. Yet you are deep in your thoughts, the landscape a mere accompaniment to the beginning of your day.